Financial Empowerment Credit Union Project

The saving power of the African Diaspora in form of remittances sent back to the African continent is a subject  many agencies and institutions  have continuously underlined. The World Bank stated in June 2015, “The potential wealth and talent existing in the African Diaspora is  enormous. Some researchers estimate that US$53 billion is saved on an annual basis by the African Diaspora…more>>





Investment, Trade & Entrepreneurship

ADCNC strategic plan has implemented the Africa Diaspora Investment Initiative Fund (ADIIF). A team of financial professional studies different projects and submit the recommendations to the board of Directors. Upon approval of the selected plan, the board launches the marketing plan engaging the diaspora and anyone who is interested to raise investment fund starting with a minimum contribution of as low as 20 USD.

ADCNC aims to improve its partnership with the World Bank African Diaspora Program, the African Diaspora Market Place, the USAID, African Diaspora Network and many more organizations working for the social and economic development of Africa. ADCNC surveys potential diaspora entrepreneur starting or running businesses that have positives social responsibility in the community they serve. Selected- candidate receives support and referral for grant and funding. Africa transformation can only be achieved through the industrialization, the modernization of agriculture practice, and adequate education system should respond to the actual needmore>>>



Professional, Expert & Student

ADCNC doesn’t focus solely on remittances to contribute to a holistic transformational development of its African country members; ADCNC understands the negative impact of brain drain in Africa that we have implemented a database tool for governments, civil society, private sector, to assess and employ the available knowledge and socio-professional resources of African Diaspora who are willing to contribute to the development of their country of origin. Brain Drain becomes Brain Gain when we participate in nation building with or without physical relocation.  Information are stored and shared with full respect to privacy and confidentiality .Area of interest: Education, Health, Agriculture, Business & Commerce, Laws, Science & Technology, Art, and Public Administration.

  • PEP (Professionals and Experts Pool) Registration (logging needed)
  • Posted Country’s Needs (logging needed)
  • Matching & Placement
  • Virtual Participation
  • ADCNC create a large web connection of Diaspora professional who can contribute in educational program of youth, women and adult learning program in Africa
  • Support International students and those in exchange program
  • Have joint venture profitable projects with Universities
  • Do remote co-ops research and support thesis
  • Provide Free expertise or data to local NGOs
  • Assist governments departments in a tech-foresight application
  • University Partnership for High Education Opportunity and Exchange Program


 Immigrants Integration

The most common problems impeding an effective integration of  African immigrants include but not limited to:  Lack of affordable housing and childcare,  Lack of programs for single parents; Lack of employment opportunities;  Youth dropping out of school; Barriers to learning English as an additional language;  Family break-down; Lack of training programs;  Poverty; and the fear of gangs recruiting African youth.

  • Counseling, Mentoring and Referral Program
  • Elders assistance program
  • Offers assistance with immigration, integration, and job search. Also provides counselling, translation/interpretation, computer training, and language training in English, French, and Swahili. Services available in English, French, Swahili, …
  • Census of African immigrants